"You've been so compassionate and supportive to me throughout my journey.  You've helped shape me into who I am by sharing your intelligence, advice and perspective with me.  There is a loving presence about you.  The work you do is amazing and your passion is what makes you so perfect for this job.  Thank you for being part of my recovery.  For always listening to me, encouraging me, teaching me and having patience with me."

"You really do an amazing job at work.  I admire your calm as well as your work ethic."

"You are truly a natural Patrick and I’m so glad that this opportunity to work here was a positive one for you!

Keep up the good work with youth and mental health and addictions. I can see you going far.  I hope to see you back here sooner than later.”

"Patrick, I sure enjoyed working with you, you have such a calm and cool, collected demeanour, perfect for this type of work. They are lucky to have you there. You will be a great addition to the team. You will be missed here by staff and participants."

"I want to send a personal note of thanks to you. You came along at a most difficult time and were willing to take a chance with us. I truly appreciate that. You turned out to be a good coach and I would be most happy if we could keep you.  Someone reliable, on time, good with the clients, good natured and professional is always an asset, and you have all of that."

"It was a pleasure working with you.  I really admire how you worked with the youth and I appreciated your structure and consistency when we worked together.  The recovery coach is the perfect position for you and I do believe you will be able to provide support to the youth that will make a positive difference in their lives."