Emotional Waterfall

I love nature as you may be able to tell. I have tried to make nature a part of my life and recovery. I strongly believe that nature has a healing, calming power. I share photos of nature because I understand the value of being in nature and how it can help with someone’s mental health and self-care plan in recovery. A recovery coach can help you integrate nature into your life. Often I relate some aspects of nature as a metaphor to what I am going through. For example, this came across me recently...

Let’s relate waterfalls to an emotional upset. In active addiction and early recovery, emotional upsets and turmoil often have the power to cause a slip or relapse. Most people with substance use disorder have difficulty managing their emotions. Waterfalls can be small or quite substantial, just like our emotions. However, upstream and downstream of the waterfall, there is typically calm water. This calmer water can be your mind before or after the emotional event. A recovery coach can help you manage your triggers and emotional upsets more effectively. We can set up boundaries in relationships, avoid certain emotional triggers and also learn how to manage our emotions better. I would be more than happy to explore this topic more with you.

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