What makes you happy...?

Sometimes we forget what makes us truly happy. Sometimes we do not have time to do what makes us happy. Sometimes we do not even know what makes us happy. I believe there is something that we can all tune in to, experience and find pure joy in. This may be an activity, sport, music, a hobby, art, or creating something. For me, it has always been, and I think it will always be, being in nature. To me, there is nothing comparable to being outside in the snow on a pair of skis or in the forest on a bike. It can be with close friends, family, or in solitude - alone. There is something special about being part of nature. This is my happy place. I find joy, contentment and peace amongst the mountain peaks and trees. When I was in active addiction, these special moments were taken from me. I could not find the motivation or interest to do the things that brought me the most joy and peace. The thing is, when we get well and recover from substance use disorder, we have the opportunity to find these moments. A recovery coach can help you find things that make you happy. We can collaborate and identify values and interests that you may never have thought of, or want to re-engage in. I want to help and guide you back to your true self.

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