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    Mountains Meet Lake

    Find balance.

    Regaining your health and creating a lifestyle that brings you long and short term satisfaction are vital to recovering from substance dependence.  Achieving long term behavior change is supported by living a balanced life.  Recovery coaching can start you or a loved one down this path.

    What is a Recovery Coach?

    A coach offers guidance on the recovery experience, introduction to communities of recovery, consultation on problems encountered in early recovery, on-going monitoring of recovery stability, assistance with lifestyle reconstruction, and, if needed, support through lapses and relapses.  Many recovering substance users benefit from a personal guide who has lived experience and can facilitate disengagement from the culture of addiction and engagement in a culture of recovery.  A Recovery Coach offers a level of accountability and personal attention to clients by:​

    • using a collaborative, client centered, strength-based approach

    • helping increase motivation to reach goals 

    • focusing on action & outcome

    • identifying and removing barriers to recovery

    • connecting individuals to community resources  and mutual support groups

    • bridging the gap between live-in treatment and community integration

    • assisting with life skills including proper eating habits, exercise, budgeting, employment readiness and establishing a self-care plan

    • Sober Companion services: 24-hour live-in support (contact for details and fees) 


    Why hire a Coach?

    Directional Signs

    Someone who has experienced the hopelessness and despair of addiction, and recovered, may be the best person to show someone how it can be done.


    Privacy and confidentiality.  Some people do not want to go to treatment or community based meetings because they value their privacy and anonymity.

    Most extended benefit packages do not offer coaching services.  Coaching can supplement these employee benefits.

    Many clients use a therapist/counsellor and a coach.  More help will offer a better chance of recovering fully.

    Addiction doesn't define a person, being able to gain satisfaction through engagement with the world trumps addiction.  People can overcome addiction when they have positive options, meaningful goals and control of their lives.  Recovery is a process of restoring or developing a positive and meaningful sense of identity, apart from one's condition, and then rebuilding one's life, despite or within the limitations imposed by that condition. 

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