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I understand recovery just does not happen overnight.  It takes time, effort and commitment.  My supportive, authentic, caring (and firm when needed) approach provides a level of care that will help people move forward in life and away from addictive substances (alcohol & drugs).  My goal is to uplift my clients with compassion, integrity and professionalism.  I have been there.  Let me help show you the way out...

I have been the Program Manager of a 20-bed substance use recovery home and have worked at several addiction treatment centres in Western Canada facilitating group programming while supporting clients on their healing journey.  I hold a Canadian Certified Recovery Coach designation with the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF), am a trained Recovery Coach and a SMART Recovery facilitator.  I have training and knowledge in Mental Health First Aid, suicide intervention, Indigenous Culture & Safety, 12 Steps (AA/NA), Youth Work and Trauma Informed Care.  I hold certificates in ASIST suicide prevention, Naloxone administration, First Aid and Non Violent Crisis Intervention, among others.


a bit about me 

I am a person with lived experience. 

I struggled for many years to find purpose and direction, drifting aimlessly through life harming myself with addictive substances and alcohol.  I moved around Western Canada for many years trying different towns, post-secondary programs and careers - feeling lost.  Once I finally realized I was attempting to outrun myself and a major life event was unfolding in front of me, I decided to get help, finally.  


I completed a 90-day addiction treatment program.  Learning what I was up against, I put forth all my energy and focus to get well.  I came out with a new outlook on myself and my life.  In my early recovery, I became a father, endured several hardships, clinical depression and a relapse.  These events did not stop me on my path to recovery.  I had a new sense of motivation that I had never experienced before.  I continued to learn about addiction, recovery, spirituality, exercise, nutrition, psychology, managing emotions & thoughts, cravings, urges and mindfulness.  The more knowledge I gained about myself, addiction and how to thrive in recovery I realized I wanted to help other people who suffer from substance use disorder.    


my outlook on recovery

20210718_141452 (1).jpg

I believe there are multiple paths to recovery for an individual.  Every story of addiction comes with a different story and background.  Therefore, every story of recovery comes with a different path.


I do not stick to one method of recovery.  Everyone is different and needs different things for their recovery.  

I believe exposing oneself to a variety of options and activities will enrich the recovery experience and outcome.

Some activities and services that I involve my clients with are:

  • exercise (bodyweight HIIT, yoga, resistance training, jogging, swimming, hiking)

  • AA/NA and SMART Recovery meetings

  • meditation

  • walks in nature

  • cold plunging and saunas

  • recommendations on recovery-related literature and books

  • worksheets 

  • relapse preventions & exploring triggers

  • creating a self care plan

  • employment readiness

  • motivational media

  • referrals to counselling/therapy

  • collaboration with medical professionals, if needed

  • referrals to treatment or outpatient treatment, if needed

  • involvement with family members, if requested by the client

  • group faciliation to organizations (contact for details)

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